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XXXGel® proposes a speculative narrative around the possibilities of bodies in the pharmacopornographic era, characterised by the political and technical management of the body, sex and sexuality.

In this sexopolitical state, the body is not bounded by a carnal envelope, nor is it pre-discursive: it is a multi-connected technoalive entity that incorporates technology. In the context of these technobodies, it is xenobiotic substances such as Climaxene found in XXXGel® that are capable of corrupting the wetware, transforming and expanding it, understanding us as toxicopornographic subjects: subjectivities defined by the substances that dominate their metabolisms.


This project plays in the interstice between the fake and the real. That is the presentation of XXXGel® is proposed as an authentic pharmacopornographic product, together with its leaflet, through which the narrative is also constructed not through slimy, sensorial or corporal resources (as in the gel itself), but with the jargon and codes of language in the pharmaceutical context.

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