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XenoVisual Studies

XenoVisual Studies is a collaborative project that researches the new visualisties arisen from Artificial Intelligence technologies in a xenofeminist key, through the development of devices that alter and stimulate visual imaginaries through AI in order to disarticulate image management technologies.


We want to activate the visual future in the field of gender disruption by relying on AI as a new sensory visualization tool from a xenofeminist perspective and propagating the term "xenoimage" to broad the reflection on how these visualities do (trans)form us.


This project is currently being funded by the Ministry of Equality of Spain, Complutense University of Madrid and Medialab-Matadero Madrid Center for Contemporary Creation. 


It was first developed and shown in Medialab-Matadero (Madrid, Spain) during April and May 2022, in its Collaborative Prototyping Lab with collaborators of different profiles and diverse nationalities, under the name Xenoimage Dataset.

Project developed with Esther Rizo (ES) and Pilar del Puerto (ES).

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