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Material Girls

Material girls is configured as a reflection on the interconnected relationship between the figure of the virtual assistant and the identity possibilities of gender and sex, in terms of the way in which all of them are shaped and their materiality, through linguistic compositions that reference from the most contemporary memes (gorgeous gorgeous girls, material gworls...) to the manifestos encompassed in the cyberfeminism of the 1990s, such as VNS Matrix's Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century or the technomaterialist approach presented by Helen Hester (2018). This discourse is formalized in a small-format videomapping audiovisual installation. The projected video consists of the audio generated by experimentation with 3D visuals, TTS technology and own voice recordings from a recording lab. The video projection is made on a screen with tulle in order to give the image an "immaterial" aesthetic (which contrasts with the main discourse of the work and puts in crisis the visions held in this area, i.e., that of technology as something ethereal, volatile, "in the cloud"...).


This project was presented in January 2022 at the Sporting Club Ruzafa Gallery (Valencia, Spain).

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