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Bimbo VJ performances:
Beware of the Cowgirl Bimbo & 
Cat Kitty Cat Cat
Kitty Cat Cat

This project is an approach to the resistance practices offered by bimbo-catgirl users, analyzing the gender performances that are carried out in the context of social networks, in the onlife condition and from a post-cyberfeminist perspective. It its an transdisciplinary artwork involving the interface-hacking of a mouse and the use of said prototype in an audiovisual vj-session performance.


"The confluence between hyper-feminine slutty mise-en-scène and anti-patriarchal positioning [...] a scam in which they anticipate a possession they will never have" (Ziga (2009), Becoming a bitch)


In a conscious state, this strategy proposes a countermodel gender performance that is based on the stereotypes associated with their norm which are altered through the act of approaching or distancing oneself from the label. In this sense, being self-aware of the the theatricality and artificiality of sex and gender, and to perceive both femininity and masculinity as a range of positions to opt for loaded with history and social relations of power, yet no longer adopted or attributed by force, allows us to open up spaces of subversion.


This performance took place during Sankt Interface 2022 (Linz, Austria).

Performance in collaboration with Laia Bonias (ES).

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