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My work is focused around the diferent ways in which digital technology breaks through us:

How is it (are we) built?

I try to answer this question in both a conceptual and methodological way, while bearing in mind the hybrid condition of our current situation which is a material but also virtual state, as Luciano Floridi has declared: the on-life condition. My current prime focus is on the speculative prototyping of synthetic substances developed with AI, reflecting on the possibilities offered by them in the field of gender studies and how they could expand our post-bodies.


I'm also currently focusing on the bimbo gender performance occurred on social media, highlighting the conversations about online community identity, xenofeminism, hyperfemininity, the arbitrariness of gender binarism and female stereotype reapropiation in the post-Internet context, and its dimension regarding both behavioral and corporal transformation.


Lastly, I have been working with the non-representational, apophenic visualities generated with AI under the term of "xenoimages", understanding them as visual hiperstitions arising from xenofeminist gender abolitionism and their connection with the concept of Butlerian performativity, and analysis the use of databases from a non-normative approach.

Mar Osés (she/they) (Pamplona, Spain, 1999) is an artist-researcher whose work focuses on the problematization of digital technologies in the current on-life context. Her most recent projects bring together her interests in the visuality of artificial intelligences and the possibilities of biotechnologies from a gender perspective, which have been presented in various exhibitions and events in Spain and Austria.

She often works along with other art colleagues while producing collective projects, understanding the latent potencial hidden in teamwork.

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